18 September 2018

The online service „Card to Card transfer” from FINCOMBANK is now available to Visa cardholders, too!

The online service „Card to Card transfer” from FINCOMBANK is now available to Visa cardholders, too!

Do you need to transfer money to your friends, colleagues or relatives, but do not know how to do this safe, convenient and fast? FinComBank S.A. comes with the best and optimal solution. Thanks to online service from Fincombank "Card to card transfer (P2P)", you can make a transfer of money in just a few seconds without going to the bank.

Until recently, only Mastercard cardholders were enjoying of this online service „Card to Card transfer (P2P)”, but now Fincombank extended this servise for VISA cardholders.

The online service „Card to Card transfer (P2P)” is a modern solution, which acts as an alternative to traditional transfers made at the bank’s office. Now everyone can transfer money with just one click, anywhere in the world and at any time.

If you have a VISA or MasterCard card of any Moldovan bank, you can made P2P transfer. All you need is a device with internet connection: computer, phone, tablet to access the service „Card to Card transfer (P2P)” on fincombank.com or for Fincombank’s clients- on internet banking (the fincompay.com) and the transfer will be done.

What are the conditions for using P2P?

Transfers are made from a valid Visa or MasterCard card that is issued by any Moldovan bank to a MasterCard card of any other bank inside the country or abroad. The transfer takes place momentarily and can be accessed 24 hours /day, 7 days /week. The transfers can be done in three currencies: Moldovan Lei, US Dollars and Euro.

What are the primary advantages of using P2P transfer?

  • You can transfer money wherether you are;
  • P2P transfer carry extremely low transaction fees, the smallest on the financial services market in Republic of Moldova;
  • Money comes into account in a few moments;
  • The service is accessible 24 hours / day, 7 days / week;
  • It is simple and easy to use. You must know minimum data of the recipient's card;
  • You can make transfers between any Visa or MasterCard card regardless of the bank that has issued it.

Will my card be secured in the online environment?

  • The transfer is secured, because it is done using 3D-Secure technology. In order to confirm and complete the P2P transfer, it is necessary to enter a unique password that you will receive via SMS for each transaction, email or a message that was send to your internet banking account.

With FinComBank S.A. is simple and useful. You don't need to leave the comfort of your home in order to make a money transfer. You just have to access the new service P2P transfer on https://fincombank.com/ro/transfer-online-p2p/ or on the fincompay.com. and we will take care of the rest, because we create everything for your convenience.

For more information, please contact us:
Tel. (+ 373-22) 26-99-99
E-mail: fincom@fincombank.com, website: www.fincombank.cоm


About FinComBank S.A.:

FinComBank SA, was founded in 1993. Since then it is one of the leading commercial banks in the Republic of Moldova. FinComBank S.A. offers a wide range of corporate, investment and insurance banking services for both local and foreign citizens. Among the clients of FinComBank S.A. are individuals, micro, small and medium enterprises, as well as large enterprises that represent all the main sectors of the country's economy. Over the years, the Bank has been successfully cooperating with the World Bank, European Fund for Southeast Europe, Overseas Private Investment Corporation (OPIC). FinComBank is a member of the Rural Development Project (IFAD), the Village Investment and Services Project (RISP) and the Competitiveness Enhancement Project (PACI, PACII).


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