22 August 2018

Your business can be advantageously developed with ‚Fruit Garden’ (BEI)program


Your business can be advantageously developed with ‚Fruit Garden’ (BEI)program

If you work in horticulture, grow fruit, nuts, table grapes, berries or process these products, have a nursery-garden or manage other related businesses (print labels, produce specialized packaging etc.), at Mobiasbanca you can receive advantageous financing from the resources of the European Investment Bank (EIB) within ‚Fruit Garden’ program.

Now these loans are even more affordable, because you can take them not only in euro, but also in MDL, for investments or working capital financing.

Under the program you can obtain financing for your business – from 5000 euro to 600 000 euro or lei equivalent at an advantageousrate. Besides, investment projects are exempt from excise duties, customs duties, customs procedures fees and VAT.

Still postponing from one year to the next the plans of acquiring production equipment and machinery much needed for your business development? It’s time to implement them!

To find out further details about the program, please contact Contactell service and/or request consultation from personal advisor regarding financing available at Mobiasbanca.



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