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EBA serves its members by offering support in 3 interconnected areas, all targeting business development of its members:

  1. BUSINESS ENVIRONMENT  - EBA serves as a platform for B2G communication, aimed at identifying key business issues and finding ways for their resolutions thus influencing the law decision-making in the best interest of its members;
  2. BUSINESS SUPPORT  - EBA supports its members by organizing multiple practical workshops and coaching sessions as well as networking events, which contribute to enhanced technical skills of the member/partner companies, and a more open and qualitative business communication by means of knowledge and expertise sharing;
  3. BUSINESS PROMOTION MOLDOVA-EU- EBA supports its members and the stakeholders through a series of well-defined business support services aimed at bolstering exports and business internationalisation;


Business Environment is at the very core of EBA activities, which aims at identifying key business issues in various sectors, analyzing them and developing proposals, amending the legal framework and regulatory procedures. For a most comprehensive and logical approach to this Agenda, we have launched 4 sector committees:

  • Tax and Customs Committee;
  • Agro Committee;
  • Energy Committee;
  • Wastes Committee.

Along these, EBA is a member of several national Public Private Platforms:

  • Prime Minister Economic Council, President of the 2nd Working Group on “Cross-Border Trade Facilitation”;
  • Member of the Customs Consultative Committee;
  • Member of various Working groups under the Ministry of Economy.


In the context of EU-Moldova Legal approximations agenda and the needs identified by businesses, Business Support aims at enhancing the managerial and operational (technical) capacities of businesses, in order to align them to best EU standards and practices. In this regard, EBA is involving best international expertise to be shared among EBA members in various technical areas (accounting, financial management, renewables, waste management, etc.), as to enhance the competence of its members in certain areas of activity. 


In the context of DCFTA practical implementation, EBA is ready to support private sector of Moldova in exploring the new markets.

In this regard, considering the limited capacities of certain companies in entering new markets, EBA launched an export coaching service called “EBA Export ASSIST Service” aimed at facilitating trade and company internationalisation.

The objective of this service is to:

  • Make an export diagnostic of the company, thus identifying the main areas that need support;
  • Ensure the company’s readiness for the EU market by a range of services and assignments (static info on the target market, brief market entry plans, developing necessary marketing instruments, matchmaking/finding the right partners, facilitating negotiations with potential trade partners, etc.) that EBA has developed;
  • Ensure a follow up of the company after signing the contract with the Trade partner. 

Besides EBA Export Assist service, EBA is offering informational and practical support at all times and is continuously creating tools to match the needs of our members. 

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