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18 September 2018

The online service „Card to Card transfer” from FINCOMBANK is now available to Visa cardholders, too!

Do you need to transfer money to your friends, colleagues or relatives, but do not know how to do this safe, convenient and fast? FinComBank S.A. comes with the best and optimal solution. Thanks to online service from Fincombank "Card to card transfer (P2P)", you can make a transfer of money in just a few seconds without going to the bank.

22 August 2018

Your business can be advantageously developed with ‚Fruit Garden’ (BEI)program

If you work in horticulture, grow fruit, nuts, table grapes, berries or process these products, have a nursery-garden or manage other related businesses (print labels, produce specialized packaging etc.), at Mobiasbanca you can receive advantageous financing from the resources of the European Investment Bank (EIB) within ‚Fruit Garden’ program.

10 August 2018

INNOVATION FROM FINCOMBANK! Now you can ask for a loan online!

Chișinău, August 10, 2018. Now everyone who is looking for a loan, can apply right away, ONLINE,directly from home or office. FinComBank S.A. launches a new product on the Moldovan banking market, which will considerably ease the procedure of issuing a loan.

13 June 2018

PwC Moldova launches PayWell Moldova 2018 Salary and Benefits Survey

PwC Moldova is pleased to invite you to participate in PayWell Moldova 201​8​ salary & benefits survey! At its 1​2th edition, PayWell survey: 1. analyses salary levels based on job, sector, geographic region and company size (depending on turnover and number of employees); 2. analyses compensation and benefits policies used by companies operating in Moldova.

07 June 2018


Chisinau, July 6, 2018, FINCOMBANK S.A. sincerely congratulates all the doctors and pharmacists with their professional day- the Day of Doctor and Pharmacist! Because we value the work and professionalism of employees in the medical system, FinComBank S.A. launched a special loan offer for all people working in the health sector in the Republic of Moldova.

21 May 2018


Chişinău, 21 mai 2018. FinComBank S.A. presents a New Platinum card, a product that offers direct access to high-quality services, delivered anywhere in the world. Platinum Card offers the biggest benefits for the cardholder

18 April 2018

Take care of your family thanks to additional card for your children issued by FinComBank S.A.

Give pocket money to your child directly on card. FinComBank S.A. announces the issue of the additional card to minors! Chisinau, April 18, 2018. FinComBank S.A. introduces an additional card for a special category of clients: parents with minor children. The new product can be requested from any owner of the base card, issued by FinComBank S.A., for his 7-year-old children.

15 February 2018

FinComBank will use multicurrency for its ATMs: Euro, US Dollars and MDL

FinComBank will use multi currency for its ATMs: Euro, US Dollars and MDL. A number of ATMs with new functionality will be available throughout the Republic of Moldova.

30 January 2018

Mobiasbanca - leader in growth of the loan portfolio in 2017

According to the data recently presented by the National Bank of Moldova, Mobiasbanca became leader in growth of the loan portfolio, as it increased by over 791 million MDL in 2017. Thus, the market share in the loan portfolio segment increased by 2.8 percent, from 11.7% at the end of 2016 up to 14.5% at the end of 2017 of both lending to individuals and to legal entities.

20 December 2017

Kaufland lunches Global G.A.P program in Moldova, in partnership with IFC (International Finance Corporation)

Kaufland lunches Global G.A.P program, for Moldovan producers of vegetables and fruits.




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