24 January 2019

Financing for young people up to 1.500.000 MDL. Loan facilities from FinComBank for young entrepreneurs

Financing for young people up to 1.500.000 MDL

Loan facilities from FinComBank for young entrepreneurs

Are you young and ambitious? Do you want to grow your business? The FinComBank S.A. provides a program that support young entrepreneurs from January 2019. The credit will be offered through special programs as IFAD I, IV, V Refinancing, RISP II Refinancing and PAC II Refinancing.

If you are between 18 and 35 years old and hold 75% of the company's capital (during the first two years of financing), you can benefit from special conditions. Regardless of the chosen project, the interest rate is 3% lower than the current rate of that program. Moreover, you can receive up to 1.500.000 MDL, the grace period is up to 12 months, and the issuing fee is only 0.5% of the approved loan amount.

The special projects are offered to young entrepreneurs who carry out their activities throughout the Republic of Moldova, except for the cities Chisinau and Balti (the IFAD IV and the IFAD V Refinancing programs).

You can get the loan according to the conditions specified in the special projects, which are offered especially for the purchasing of the new and second-hand equipment and goods, for the production and service activities in all sectors of the national economy (IFAD I Refinancing, RISP II Refinancing). Also, it is intended to be used for all activities in the agriculture fields, such as activities related to the development of the agriculture value chain (IFAD V Refinancing) - including the production, harvesting, preservation of fruits, vegetables and other plants, the cultivating, purchasing of animals and the development of farm tourism.

Financial resources can also be accessed for the development of horticulture (IFAD IV Refinancing) – everything related to the establishment and maintenance of vineyards and orchards, the construction / restoration of greenhouses, refrigerators, the processing and packaging of horticultural products. Also, the PAC II Refinancing project can be used for the investments and working capital related to direct or indirect export activities in the field of agriculture, production or providing of services in all sectors of the national economy.

Come to any branch of FinComBank S.A. – https://fincombank.com/ro/contacte/ and our specialists will help you get the funding source that suits your needs.

The FinComBank S.A. offers the perfect way to a profitable business!

To learn more about the conditions of the special projects here: https://fincombank.com/ro/proiecte-speciale/

Please contact us for more information:
Tel. (+ 373-22) 26-99-99
Email: fincom@fincombank.com

Website: www.fincombank.cоm

FinComBank SA, was founded in 1993. Since then it is one of the leading commercial banks in the Republic of Moldova. FinComBank S.A. offers a wide range of corporate, investment and insurance banking services for both local and foreign citizens. Among the clients of FinComBank S.A. are individuals, micro, small and medium enterprises, as well as large enterprises that represent all the main sectors of the country's economy. Over the years, the Bank has been successfully cooperating with the World Bank, European Fund for Southeast Europe, Overseas Private Investment Corporation (OPIC). FinComBank is a member of the Rural Development Project (IFAD), the Village Investment and Services Project (RISP) and the Competitiveness Enhancement Project (PACI, PACII).



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