09 June 2017

Mobiasbanca obtained a new tranche of financing for InnovFin

Due to the increased demand for loans offered to the local entrepreneurs by Mobiasbanca, a new Guarantee Contract was signed with the European Investment Fund (EIF) for InnovFin Facility, and the bank has thus extended its financing opportunities.

Thus, the new contract offered the opportunity to extend the financing limit from EUR 15 million to EUR 45 million for InnovFin Guarantee Facility, which is dedicated for small and medium innovative enterprises, with the financial backing of the European Union under Horizon 2020 ‘Financial Instruments’, the EU Framework Programme for Research and Innovation.

What advantages offers this contract to Mobiasbanca’s clients who want to develop innovative businesses?

  • increased access of SMEs to financing innovative projects, with the support of the EU
  • additional guarantee in case of insufficient collateral requirements
  • up to 50% of the contracted value of the loan amount can be guaranteed by the InnovFin Facility
  • interest rates lower than the bank’s standard offers
  • loan/leasing amount taken by entrepreneurs can vary between EUR 25 000 to EUR 7.5 million
  • maximum repayment period - 10 years
  • easy credit taking

Mobiasbanca invites its clients and stakeholders – local enterprises to benefit from an advantageous financing for developing innovative projects, enhancing products/services quality with the support of the European Union, due to InnovFin Facility.  We remember you that the bank became of the InnovFin SME Guarantee Facility with the financial backing of the European Union under Horizon 2020 ”Financial Instruments”, the EU Framework Programme for Research and Innovation in November, 2016.


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