13 October 2017

PwC Moldova launches the Survey PayWell Moldova 2017 Salary and Benefits

PwC Moldova launches PayWell Moldova 2017 Salary and Benefits Survey – a useful tool in developing competitive remuneration policies for your business. 

The 201​7​ edition of PayWell Survey gathered ​42 organisations and ​21,462 employees in ​6 industry sectors (FMCG & Industry, IT, Telecom, Banking​, Pharma and Oil & Gas​), providing a detailed analysis of salary data for ​854​ bench marking jobs, including: 

- gross monthly salary; 
- annual fixed and variable bonuses (paid and target); 
- annual value of benefits granted; 
- company’s car value. 

The Survey also contains information on specific compensation and benefits policies

- salary review, negotiation and increases (planned and performed); 
- fixed and variable bonuses; 
- entry level employees' remuneration; 
- benefits granted to employees: eligible staff category, cost and policy of using, etc. 

Contact PwC Moldova for more details: tatiana.stavinschi@ro.pwc.comnatalia.dontu@ro.pwc.com


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