31 October 2019

Election of new EBA President, Mr. László Diósi, Chairman of the Management Committee of Mobiasbanca – OTP Group

On 31st of October 2019, took place the EBA General Assembly, which congregated representatives of over 60 national and European companies, the biggest investors in Republic of Moldova.

Within the General Assembly, through unanimous vote, was elected the new President of the Association – Mr. László Diósi, Chairman of the Management Committee of Mobiasbanca – OTP Group. The main objective of EBA Moldova vociferated for the next year is to extend the lobby and advocacy agenda through reforming and improving the main domains related to developing the entrepreneurial activity from Republic of Moldova and supporting the alignment of national legislation to the EU rules and standards, as well as further promotion of the best EU values and practices. “Assisting the process of improving the sectorial policies in the context of improving the business climate and representing the interest of EBA members continues to be a priority for the Association” mentioned the new President.

Among the subjects and domains which EBA will be focused during the next year will be to improve and make more predictable the fiscals and customs policy, implementing the policies and necessary mechanisms in the domain of protection of environment, improving the system of food safety and the implications that are related to harnessing the Association Agreement in this context, implementation of legal provisions necessary in the context of de-monopolization of certain sectors, improving the correct application of the legal framework regarding the protection of personal data, improving the labor code and of certain stipulations that are related to labor relations, and also the improving of the quality of the educational system in Republic of Moldova through its alignment to the market requirements etc.”


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