08 November 2019

Presentation of policy study „Improving the Business Climate – Boosting Investment: Proposals from European business in Moldova”.

On November 7, 2019, EBA Moldova and the German Economic Team (GET) in Moldova presented policy study „Improving the Business Climate – Boosting Investment: Proposals from European business in Moldova”.

The respective study recommends 21 reforms to improve the business climate and increase investment in Moldova. Each proposal clearly identifies a concrete problem experienced by companies and addresses a solution at the responsible government institution.

”The challenges that the new government is facing are huge in its sincere intention to modernized and drive Moldova towards the European Union. With regards to creating proper business conditions, It must be very difficult to balance the long-term strategies oriented to bring Certainty, Fair Justice, leveled playing field and others, with the short term initiatives and the “cleaning-up” of various schemes in state-owned enterprises” underlined Mr. Jose Luis Gomez Pascual, Vice President of EBA Moldova.


Our study addresses weaknesses in the Moldovan business climate with very concrete, easy to-implement proposals for reform. Implementing these proposals will help Moldova to attract more investment and grow faster, as well as to contribute to the government’s 4-D strategy (Deconspiration, DE monopolisation, De-statism and Development)“, mentioned Mr. David Saha and Mr. Woldemar Walter, German Economic Team Moldova.

The event was attended by the representatives of the central public authorities and state institutions, the diplomatic corps, international organizations, economic experts and National and European businesses executives.

EBA Moldova expresses its gratitude to Mr. Andrei SPINU, General State Secretary of the Government and Mr. Alexandru Sonic, State Secretary of the Ministry of Economy and Infrastructure for their openness and support offered. Also, EBA Moldova express its appreciation to the German Economic Team Moldova for fruitful and efficient cooperation.


Link to the study: http://bit.ly/2Cds1xN


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