17 October 2017

Joint Civil Society Dialogue Forum

On 17th of October 2017, EBA participated at the Joint Civil Society Dialogue Forum, organized in the context of the 3rd reunion of the Sustainable Development Sub-Committee RM-EU, with the purpose of discussing the view of the civil society representatives on the implementation of the RM-EU Association Agreement, concerning the trade and sustainable development (“DCFTA” component of Association Agreement).

EBA expressed its support for the statements included in the Declaration of the Civil Society on trade and sustainable development and pointed out that, the growth of the trade flows between RM and the EU depends on the progress of improving the quality of infrastructure in the area of food safety, especially in terms of the capacities of the laboratories network on testing and accreditation per product category, being equally necessary to assess the institution in charge with the control and supervision function in the food safety area (ANSA).

Referring to the challenges in the energy sector and the implementation of the Third Energy Package, EBA emphasized about the importance of ensuring a transparent process of amending the primary and secondary legislation, as well as an effective consultation and taking account of the recommendations made by the Energy Community Secretariat, considering the RM commitments as a member of the Energy Community.

At the same time, EBA highlighted the need to pursue the implementation of the Association Agreement provisions in the area of wastes regulation, in particular, the implementation of the extended producer responsibility principle (EPR), whereby the Government shall ensure the necessary measures that will encourage the application of EPR by producers of goods that pollute the environment, especially of packaging, by eliminating the current environmental taxes applied to this category.


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