08 May 2018

Working Group no.6 of the Economic Council to the Prime Minister

On 8th of May, European Business Association Moldova attended the meeting of Working Group no.6 of the Economic Council to the Prime Minister.

Topics for discussion:

1. "The state order of the places financed by the state budget, according to the size of the technical vocational education for the study year 2018-2019"
2. "State Order for training of specialists and general fields of study in Higher Education Institutions for the academic year 2018-2019"
3. The mechanism for the financing of Public Higher Education

EBA reiterated the need of restructuring tertiary education in Moldova, one of the highest priority, the need of upgrading the financing mechanism and convert the education system in Moldova into a market and demand driven supply of highly qualified people. We truly hope that in the long run it will make international and local investments sustainable in Moldova making them expand and grow here.

EBA Moldova was represented by Mariana Rufa, EBA Executive Director and Alexandra Popa, Lobby & policy Manager.


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