Business Environment Updates

28 June 2017

Further developments on the Labour Code

On June 28, EBA participated at the discussions that took place on the platform of the Parliamentary Committee for social protection, health and family, in a meeting focusing on the examination of two draft laws bringing new amendments to the Labour Code.

22 June 2017

Clarifying some ANSA related aspects

On June 22, within the meeting organised by EBA, the members had the opportunity to debate some improvements to the activity of the National Food Safety Agency (ANSA).

22 June 2017

Customs valuation

On June 22, a meeting took place within the Trade Facilitation working group, presided by EBA, of the Economic Council to the Prime Minister.

16 June 2017

Official launching of the National Trade Facilitation Committee

On June 16, the official launching of the National Trade Facilitation Committee (CNFC) took place, the function of which has been assigned to the Economic Council to the Prime Minister.

16 June 2017

Improving regulations for tobacco products

On June 16, EBA Executive Director, Mariana Rufa, met with the Deputy Minister of Agriculture, Iurie Usurelu.

15 June 2017

Meeting with the Prime Minister on ANSA related issues

On June 15, following multiple requests from EBA and other business organisations, a meeting of the Economic Council to the Prime Minister took place.

13 June 2017

Public consultations on Preventing and Fighting Money Laundering

On June 13, the Parliamentary Committee for National security, defense and public order organsied public consultations on the Draft Law on Preventing and Fighting Money Laundering and Terrorism Financing.

02 June 2017

Secondary legislation in the area of waste management regulating electric and electronic equipment waste

On June 2nd, Ministry of Environment organized a technical meeting with representatives of the private sector to discuss and present a new Draft Regulation on Electric and Electronic Equipment Waste, which sets the secondary legal framework for implementation of the extended producers responsibility principle in the area of electric and electronic waste in Moldova as provided in the new Law on wastes (entering into force as of December 23rd, 2017).

30 May 2017

Draft law on meal tickets opinions

On May 30, EBA members gathered in a meeting in order to comment on the draft law on meal tickets.

30 May 2017

Complex amendments to the Civil Code

On May 30, taking account of the new draft law that pursues complex amendments to the Civil Code, initiated by the Ministry of Justice, EBA organised a workshop for its members to discuss the main changes introduced by the new draft law.




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