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ICS RED Union Fenosa SA


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Î.C.S. „Red Union Fenosa” S.A. is the largest private electricity distributor company in Republic of Moldova. The company is part of Gas Natural Fenosa which is present in the 24 countries of the world.

2000 was a turning point in energy sector of the country, when three state enterprises have been privatized: ICS RE Chisinau SA, I.C.S. RED Center SA, and I.C.S. RED Sud SA, by the Spanish company UNION FENOSA INTERNATIONAL. Later, due to a whole process of transformation, in 2008 those three companies merged and formed ICS "RED Union Fenosa" S.A. The transformation process culminated in 2010 by merging at the international level of the companies UNION FENOSA INTERNATIONAL and GAS NATURAL, thus making up a high profile energy company with vast activities worldwide.

In Moldova, the company has 33,000 km of power lines, covering 2/3 of the electricity distribution of the country.

Red Union Fenosa serves over 820 thousand customers.

Total investment for 11 years - over 2.6 billion lei ($ 211 million).

The activity of Î.C.S. Red Union Fenosa S.A. in the economy of the country represents an European business model, being appreciated as an open enterprise for collaboration to promote pro-European and international values ​​and a transparent and favorable investment climate for all businesses prosper.


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