15 February 2018

FinComBank will use multicurrency for its ATMs: Euro, US Dollars and MDL



Chişinău, February 15, 2018. FinComBank will use multi currency for its ATMs: Euro, US Dollars and MDL. A number of ATMs with new functionality will be available throughout the Republic of Moldova. The first ATMs of this type were recently opened in Malldova Shopping Center located on 21 st, Arborilor Street, followed by the ATM installed in the center of the capital, at the entrance to Branch no. 1 of the FinComBank, located on 26, Pushkin Street.

Multicurrency ATMs will accept all types of cards Visa and MasterCard. Cardholders will be able to withdraw money any one of the three currencies: Euro, US Dollars or Moldovan Leu. By launching this service FinComBank enables cardholders to use ATMs instead of visiting foreign exchange offices and waiting in a row when they need cash in Euros or US Dollars. Clients will benefit of a convenient, transparent, fast and easy-to-use ATM interface.

"The development of FinComBank has always depended on the needs of our clients. This new service was implemented and applyed to ATM, taking into consideration the socio-economic specificity of the Republic of Moldova. This is how we diversify our customers' segment, expanding the service spectrum and increasing service quality. By launching this cash-out system, we want to make sure that all those using our ATMs have the privilege to choose the currency in which they withdraw cash, "said Elena Stovbun, Vice President, Director of Business Development Department of the FinComBank S.A.

FinComBank offers profitable terms for those who will use ATMs with new options. Thus, when funds are withdrawn, the exchange rates established for transactions with bank cards for that day will be applied. Fees for withdrawing money from the ATM, will pleasantly surprise the clients:

  • for FCB cardholders - free of charge, in accordance with the Bank's Tariffs in force;
  • for cardholders of other banks from the Republic of Moldova - free of charge;
  • for cardholders of the foreign banks - 2%.

The client can withdraw up to 15 banknotes (EUR or USD) and the maximum withdrawn amount is 750 EUR / USD.

With the launch of the ATM network, which issues a highly liquid international currency in the Republic of Moldova: the US dollar and Euro, Bank representatives confirm the continued positive development of the banking market and create good conditions for FinComBank customers and other loyal cardholders.

Currently, the services provided by FinComBank S.A. are provided by more than 100 divisions and 80 ATMs that are open throughout the country. The entire list of ATMs can be found at: https://fincombank.com/ro/bancomate/

For more information:

Phone: (+373-22) 26-99-99
fincom@fincombank.com, site: www.fincombank.cоm


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