24 June 2020

PwC Moldova launches PayWell Moldova 2020 Salary and Benefits Survey

PwC Moldova is pleased to invite you to participate in PayWell Moldova 2020 salary & benefits survey, which is an important tool that helps companies wishing to recruit, retain and motivate high-quality staff.

How can you use PayWell?

PayWell survey report is helpful in the process of:

  • reviewing the company’s remuneration strategy
  • comparing salaries across sectors and job positions
  • preparing the budget
  • calculating staff costs
  • setting-up the salary structure and salary levels
  • identifying in-kind incentives
  • investigating a relationship between remuneration and employees' performance

The 2019 edition of PayWell survey gathered 41 organisations and 13,400 employees in 6 industry sectors (FMCG & Industry, IT, Telecom, Banking, Pharmaceuticals and Overall market). This year the survey might cover additional sectors (e.g. Retail, Microfinance & Leasing).

How can you join PayWell?

Please confirm your participation to PwC until 8 July 2020.

Please access here the detailed presentation of PayWell Moldova survey.

If you need further clarifications or additional details, please contact Anastasia Dereveanchina (anastasia.dereveanchina@pwc.com, 079 981 010), Veronica Stirbu (veronica.stirbu@pwc.com, 079 401 255) or Daniela Molosag (daniela.molosag@pwc.com, 079 407 602).


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