16 October 2018

(VIDEO) 10 reasons to have an intelligent telephony platform


(VIDEO) 10 reasons to have an intelligent telephony platform

Every business directly depends on its clients, but it becomes more and more difficult to find or retain them. One can face both challenges with the help of an intelligent telephony solution that will undoubtedly boost sales, attract new clients and retain the existing ones. It suits any field of activity, from real estate, construction, tourism, restaurants, and beauty salons to public services.

An example of such telephony is Virtual PBX from Moldcell and there are at least 10 reasons to make it a part of your business:

  1. If you have a single contact number for your company, you will be able to process more calls at the same time, regardless of their amount;
  2. If one or several calls were missed, you will easily see who called and will have a chance to call them back;
  3. If you have several teams or people with a different profile, you can distribute the calls depending on the topic of the inquiry;
  4. If the operator cannot answer the calls for various reasons or the line is busy, you can redirect the calls to mobile or landline, based on different criteria;
  5. If you want to create a positive first impression, you can set up greeting or waiting messages, or any kind of information, including promo;
  6. You can record the incoming and outgoing calls and listen to them whenever needed, to monitor the service quality and work efficiency;
  7. You will be able to see the detailed calls statistics for a certain period, for a particular operator or a team;
  8. It is very easy to integrate all the company calls with the CRM system, in order to plan activity, create forecasts and working strategy;
  9. Very important, you will have access to this information at any time, even from home, on a laptop or smartphone;
  10. Furthermore, it is easy to connect, doesn’t require infrastructure or equipment investments, has a simple interface and guarantees the maximum of flexibility.

You can have a look on how the presentation event was, in this video report:


If you are not sure how this solution fits your business, you can ask for a free trial of Virtual PBX. Moldcell Company provides a free testing period of 14 days with all the required support. For more details, call the Corporate Clients Support Service at 022 20 60 60.


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