12 July 2017

A depeer understanding of the Regulatory Impact Assessment

In the period 11-12th of July, EBA organised a practical workshop on Regulatory Impact Assessment (RIA), with the support of the EU-financed project “Technical assistance for the implementation of the DCFTA”. Representatives of public authorities have joined the course, which was delivered by Roman Ladus from Euro Management Group.  

Organising such a course is necessary for developing the public-private dialogue, reducing the administrative burden for the private sector and for doing the necessary Regulatory Impact Assessment of draft legislation. International practice in implementing principles of good regulation were presented and explained, along with the advantages of RIA in formulation of public policies. The workshop was aimed both at civil servants who have RIA experience, and at those for whom this is a new concept. The sessions were theoretical, with small group exercise simulations.  

Among the topics that were touched upon during the working sessions were defining the problem and setting RIA targets, identification of options, impact assessment and comparison of the alternatives, measuring the administrative costs, data collection, public consultation and evaluation of a RIA document. At the end of the two training days, the participants received certificates and were recommended efficient ways of communicating with the private sector. 


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