25 April 2018

Updates on Business Climate in Moldova to the EU Counselors


On April 25, Thomas Moser, EBA President, presented an update on the Business Climate in Moldova to the EU Counselors. The meeting took place within the EU Delegation.

The presentation was focused on the development trends of the country over 2017 and the reforms implemented so far.  Thomas Moser mentioned about the most important business climate issues identified over 2017, following the inputs provided by the private sector in such areas as: trade in goods, customs and trade facilitation, trade in services (banking and insurance sistems), energy sector, trade and sustainable development, rules of law, education system (tertiary and dual education), transport facilities, IT Sector.

Overall, the EBA President mentioned about the positive dynamic of the economic growth of Republic of Moldova, which should become a sustainable one, and also reiterated some of the drawback that need to be considered in the short and medium run with the view to certain implementation issues on the structiral reforms launched.


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