06 November 2017

Business Lunch with Cecilia Malmström, the European Union Commissioner for Trade

On 6th of November 2017, EBA Moldova organized a working lunch with Cecilia Malmström, the European Union Commissioner for Trade, in the context of her visit in Moldova regarding the trade policy and the deep and comprehensive free trade area (DCFTA) - part of the Association Agreement between the European Union and Moldova.

The scope of the event was to facilitate a constructive dialogue between the EU Commissioner and EBA members, representatives of business community from various sectors, Business Support Organizations and Embassies, on trade facilitation issues faced by the private sector.

Mariana Rufa, EBA Executive Director, gave a presentation on key business climate issues encountered by economic entities in Moldova. The event gave the opportunity to economic entities to provide comments and express additional trade issues faced by them. EBA shall include all issues in a new document named “DCFTA – Business Climate Update”and present it officially by the end of November.

“DCFTA – Business Climate Update” is an analytical document developed by EBA Moldova, which reflects the trade related problems faced by private sector, in the context of DCFTA implementation, and other business climate related issues. The document is a result of the tremendous effort of the entire EBA Moldova team, with special recognition to EBA President - Thomas Moser, EBA Executive Director – Mariana Rufa and EBA Lobby & Policy Manager – Ecaterina Chirilenco.

The event continued with the speech from Cecilia Malmström and also direct questions from the participants in regard to their specific issue faced by the companies. “Here, civil society - including the business community - has a vital role to play to hold decision-makers accountable and keep up the pressure for reforms to continue. I am sure that you, as representatives of European businesses established in Moldova, are acutely aware of this. I have heard positive echoes of your work under the Prime Minister's Economic Council, and would also like to take this opportunity to congratulate you for your active engagement here in Moldova in making the voice of business heard. You are in this sense a key partner for us in making the DCFTA work in practice, letting us know what works and what does not (…)” (Cecilia Malmström, source)



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