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GIZ Moldova - Fortification of the Automotive Sector in Moldova

Project name     

Economic Policy Advice to the Moldovan Government

Assignment title

Local subsidy - Advocacy activities for the fortification of the automotive sector in Moldova 


2018 - 2019


EBA was granted with Local Subsidy Grant dedicated to strengthening the Policy and Business Environment Agenda, as well as capacities of Automotive companies in Moldova.

The project is primarily aimed at strengthening the importance and increase visibility of the automotive sector in Moldova through aligning Moldovan legislation pertinent to the industry, to the best international standards, by raising awareness of public officials/decision makers on the importance of the sector and ensure readiness to perform the necessary legislative and policy changes.

The project duration is 7 months, the period in which EBA has prepared a list of activities, involving development of position papers that represent the interests of automotive companies in Moldova, practical/technical workshops for the automotive company’s staff and a series of meetings with decision makers from Republic of Moldova and European Commission. 




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