16 March 2017

EBA supports the implementation of EU practices in regulation on advertising of alcoholic products

On March 16th, EBA participated at the meeting on the platform of the Government, of the working group responsible for regulation on advertising of alcoholic products in the light of the recent amendments to the Law on advertising proposed by the Ministry of Health.

16 March 2017

New tendencies and challenges in Fraud and Compliance

On March 15-16, EBA organised a practical workshop for its members on “Fraud, Compliance and Security of IT Systems. Trends and challenges”. This event was organised in collaboration with the Association for Preventing and Eliminating Fraud (APCF) of Romania, with the financial support of EU-TA DCFTA Project.

15 March 2017

EBA facilitates the dialogue between the National Agency for Food Safety (ANSA) and the meat processing industry

Considering the economic importance of developing the meat production and processing industry in the country, and in order to promote export of meat and meat products, a meeting between ANSA and the processors in the meat industry was organised on 15th of March. The meeting was focused on the current situation in processing and merchandising meat products, as well as on the implementation of article nr. 21 of the Law nr.231 on Domestic Trade.

14 March 2017

Cost of Doing Business in Moldova. A 2016 perspective.

On 14th of March, the World Bank and the Government of Moldova launched its Cost of Doing Business 2016 survey. On this occasion, EBA shared the opinion of the private sector on the survey findings.

10 March 2017

Wrap up of the Prime Minister’s Economic Council 2016 activities

On March 10, EBA Moldova has participated in the meeting of Prime Minister’s Economic Council, where the overall activity for 2016 has been reported.

28 February 2017

EBA HR Committee debates with public authorities the amendments to the Labour Code

On February 28th, members of the EBA HR Committee gathered for a new round of discussions, in the presence of the Ministry of Labour, Social and Family Protection representatives. On this occasion, the list of Labour Code modifications, developed by the Ministry, was analyzed. The list was created as a result of the multiple technical meetings at which EBA promoted the proposals of the private sector.

21 February 2017

With USAID and Swedish Government support, EBA members and project beneficiaries engage in constructive discussions with the Customs Service

On February 21, with grant support by USAID and the Swedish Government, EBA members and Moldova Competitiveness Project beneficiaries met with the Customs Service management team, in the format of a business breakfast organised by EBA. The participants expressed their concerns on concrete issues related to customs administration.

16 February 2017

With USAID and Swedish Government support, EBA coaches the biggest sectorial business organisations in enhancing their lobby agenda

On February 16, with grant support by USAID and the Swedish Government, EBA held another meeting with the biggest sectorial business support organisations in Moldova. The five BSOs (APIUS, ANTRIM, FSEA, ATIC, ONVV) had a focused coaching session, delivered by EBA, on how to elaborate and conduct lobby and advocacy activities.

07 February 2017

Possibilities of optimizing the invoicing system in Republic of Moldova

On 7th of February, as a result of the requests from EBA members, EBA organised a round table with the proposal to discuss some possibilities regarding the optimization of invoicing system in Republic of Moldova. Representatives of the Ministry of Finance also attended the discussion.

03 February 2017

EBA President offered an exclusive insight for potential Austrian investors

On 3rd of February, EBA President, Mr Thomas Moser, participated as a speaker at the Austro-Moldovan Economic Forum, where he shared the insider’s perspective on the current economic development and investment climate in Moldova, and gave an exclusive glimpse of the business issues which soon will be presented by EBA in an official document. The event was attended by the Vice President of the Austrian Federal Economic Chamber, the Moldovan Ministry of Economy and President of the Moldova Chamber of Commerce and Industry.




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