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ARENSIA Exploratory Medicine

ARENSIA is a German-owned private organization of research, specialized in exploratory clinical studies, of phase I and II. The main office is in Germany, Dusseldorf.

ARENSIA is collaborating with university hospitals from capitals like Bucuresti(Romania), Chisinau(Republic of Moldova), Tbilisi(Georgia) and Vilnius(Lithuania), in modern centers dedicated exclusively to clinical research, that were provided accordingly and comfortably for the patients.

The biggest pharmaceutical companies in the world are collaborating with the clinical researchers from ARENSIA, which represents an important link in the chain of researches that leads the medicine on the long road from idea to pharmacy.

The ARENSIA Moldova company holds 30 hired people, among which are doctors, medical assistants, accountants, managers etc. The teams of doctors-researchers (or investigators) that collaborate with ARENSIA consist of specialists in different therapeutic domains. Among them are counted: internal medicine, diabetes, nephrology, urology, infectious diseases, pediatrics, cardiology, clinical pharmacology, rheumatology etc.

ARENSIA has a strict regulation of selecting the doctors-researchers. They are trained in all the aspects of clinical trial researches, having specializations in countries like European Union and United States of America.

Qualification of these doctors is approved by the Sponsors (Pharmaceutical firms), as well as by the organs of the ethics committee of Republic of Moldova.

The clinical researches are following very strict international regulations, taking place in accordance with the Recommendations of ICH-GCP (International Conference of Harmonization - Good Clinical Practice) and the Declaration of Helsinki, adopted by the General Assembly of the World Medical Association from June 1964.

In countries with a long tradition in pharmaceutical clinical research are also undisputed leaders in the number of clinical studies made per capita, USA being on the first place, being followed by countries from European Union.

In Republic of Moldova a clinical study needs the approval of two national forums: Medicines Agency and the National Ethics Committee. The clinical study cannot start without obtaining these two approvals that are given based on the current legislation. As it was mentioned above, in Republic of Moldova the legislation that governs the conducting of the clinical studies is based on a set of principles internationally called “Good Clinical Practice = GCP.”

Rules of good practice in the clinical research represents the ethical standards, scientific and quality guaranteed internationally for projecting, conducting, registering and reporting of studies in which are implicated voluntary participants for assuring :


  • Protection of rights, security and welfare of the volunteering subjects to the study;
  • Obtaining of credible data in the clinical studies;
  • Improving of global quality in clinical research;
  • Mutual acceptance of data between countries, in which are taking place the projects of clinical researches.


The majority of the studies are made by ARENSIA in collaboration with these hospitals, are multi-centric studies, taking place simultaneously in several clinical trial centers in the world (for ex. USA, Germany, France, Canada, Belgium etc.). This fact is a facility for patients from Republic of Moldova, that participate in these studies, access to the innovative therapies, similar to those that have access patients from EU, USA and Japan.

The patients that participated in the clinical studies that were coordinated by ARENSIA, could benefit from treatments of the highest level that cured or seriously improved health of patients. These treatments have gathered 5 million lei for patients with viral hepatitis C, pulmonary hypertension, arthritis, cancer of prostate etc. This kind of treatments are not yet covered by the system of medical insurance of Republic of Moldova.

This fruitful development contributes to the international scientific reputation that is the duty of these medical institutions from Republic of Moldova in the domain of researches of innovative medicines. The Moldavian doctors researchers were the co-authors of numerous scientific works that present the results of the clinical research studies that took place in Republic of Moldova. These have been published in journals of a high international reputation.

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