EBA Position Papers



  • Advisory Note on Tariff barriers faced by the private sector on the import of food of non - animal origin.

  • Advisory Note on the Draft Law on the National Center for Personal Data Protection.

  • Advisory Note elaborated jointly with AmCham Moldova regarding the illegal tariffs charged by National Agency for Food Safety (NAFS) for food safety at state border controls.

  • Advisory Note regarding the implementation of the National Bank of Moldova Regulation No.200/ 2018 on the  requirements for prevention and combating money laundering and terrorist financing in the activity of banks.

  • Advisory Note regarding the Draft Law on Advertising.

  • Advisory note on the application of the Law No. 308/2017 on preventing and combating money laundering and terrorism financing.
  • Advisory Note on the Parliament initiative regarding the amendment of the Internal Trade Law, No. 231/2010.

  • A Position Paper on Waste Management Legislation was submitted for consideration following the number of Technical Meetings with Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Regional Development and Environment, Prime Minister Economic Council and business community.

  • Recommendations to amend the Government Decision No.974 of 15 August 2016 approving the Regulation on the declaration of customs value of goods.

  • Proposals regarding the amendment of Annex 2 of the Road Law no.509 from 22.06.1995.

  • Advisory Note regrading the Draft Food Safety Law. 

  • Proposals regarding the amendments and completion of the Givernmnet Decision no. 289 from 14.03.2007 for the approving of the Regulation on accounting and calculation of the fixed assets for fiscal purposes.

  • Position Paper No. 049/ 18 regarding the banking sector 
    - The document lists proposals on improving applicability of related party, concept and relevant legislation, which consequently will lead to a better access to finance for the private sector.

  • Proposals regarding the Accounting and maintenance of primary documents in electronic format regulatedby the Law on Accounting and financial reporting no. 287 from 15.12.2017.

  • Analysis related issues to the situation in the field of meat import
    - EBA recommended a series of proposals to address the existing issues in the field of meat import.

  • Advisory Note regarding the Draft LAw on Personal Data Protection. 

  • Proposals regarding the applicability of the Regulation on subsidizing the creation of new jobs.

  • Advisory Note regarding the Draft Advertising Law.

  • Proposal for amendment and completion of the Government Decision no.289 of 14.03.2007 for the approval of the Regulation regarding the accounting and calculation of the fixed assets for fiscal purposes.

  • Proposal for amendment and completion of the Tax Policy and other legislative and normative acts for 2019.

  • Position Paper on amending the Government Decision No 144 from 22.02.2014 about approval of the Regulations on the size and the criteria of expense determination suffered and determined by the employer on the drive, food and professional education of the worker.
  • Position Paper on the amendments of the Annex 1 of Tax Code of the Republic of Moldova.

  • Position Paper regarding the proposals on the Draft Advertising Law.

  • Position Paper regarding the Parliament Legislative on credit contracts.

  • The state order on Nr of specialities in higher education institutions for the academic year 2018-2019 and the state order for state budgeted funded specialities  in technical vocational education in 2018-2019.

  • Position Paper regarding the Proposals on the Draft Government Decision for the Approval of the of Financing Methodology of the Public Higher Education.

  • The proposals on amendment of the Contravention Code and law regarding the size, methods and terms of payment the compolsory health insurance premiums.

  • Position Paper regarding the proposals to the draft law on the enery efficiency.

  • Position Paper regarding the deficiencies encountered by the business community in the implementation of the Road Law no. 509 from 22.06.1995.

  • Position Paper regarding the cancellation of documents required for the importation of products of animal origin in the European Union.
  • Position Paper regarding the proposals for the amendment of the Education Code.
  • Position Paper regarding the implementation of the Regulation on the difficulties encountered in organizing technical training programs through dual education.

  • Position Paper on identifying solutions for meat processors as a result of leveraging the impact of raw materials in the European Union.

  • Position Paper regarding Governmnet Decision on approving the draft law for amending some legislative acts (amendment of the Law no. 231 from 23.09.2010 on internal trade).

  • Position Paper on technical meeting on the implementation of the Regulation on the organisation of vocational training programs through dual education.
  • Comments regarding methodology of taxation for environmental pollution. 

  • Position Paper regarding implementation of EURO 5 and EURO 6 standards. 

  • Position Paper regarding issues of walnuts export.

  • Position Paper on fiscal constraints regarding the export of ethyl alcohol and derivatives of ethyl alcohol.

  • Proposals regarding the New Custom Code.

  • Position Paper regarding the developing of a new funding mechanism for Higher Education Institutes.Position Paper on legislative drafts amending regarding the registration of means o transport in RM.
  • Position Paper  regarding the implementation of Form IPC18, on withholding income tax reporting, health insurance premiums and calculated state social security contributions.

  • Position Paper on Government's Resolution amending the Government's Resolution 1516/29 December 2007, regarding the registration method of maximum retailing price of filter cigarette.   


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