EBA Position Papers




  • Position Paper regarding the proposals for the amendment of the Education Code.

  • Position Paper regarding the implementation of the Regulation on the difficulties encountered in organizing technical training programs through dual education.

  • Position Paper on identifying solutions for meat processors as a result of leveraging the impact of raw materials in the European Union.

  • Position Paper regarding Governmnet Decision on approving the draft law for amending some legislative acts (amendment of the Law no. 231 from 23.09.2010 on internal trade).

  • Position Paper on technical meeting on the implementation of the Regulation on the organisation of vocational training programs through dual education.
  • Comments regarding methodology of taxation for environmental pollution. 

  • Position Paper regarding implementation of EURO 5 and EURO 6 standards. 

  • Position Paper regarding issues of walnuts export.

  • Position Paper on fiscal constraints regarding the export of ethyl alcohol and derivatives of ethyl alcohol.

  • Proposals regarding the New Custom Code.

  • Position Paper regarding the developing of a new funding mechanism for Higher Education Institutes.Position Paper on legislative drafts amending regarding the registration of means o transport in RM.
  • Position Paper  regarding the implementation of Form IPC18, on withholding income tax reporting, health insurance premiums and calculated state social security contributions.

  • Position Paper on Government's Resolution amending the Government's Resolution 1516/29 December 2007, regarding the registration method of maximum retailing price of filter cigarette.   


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