EBA Position Papers


2020 Covid 19

1. EBA Position Paper on the impact of Covid 19 on the private sector 28.04.2020

2. Priority measures to support the business environment in the conditions of the Covid 19 epidemiological crisis 18.03.2020

3. EBA Proposals for Tax policy 2021 21.03.2020

4. EBA position note on the application of point 3_Provision 4 of the Commission for Exceptional Situations of RM 25.03.2020

5. EBA request ref. transfer to another job 31.03.2020

6. EBA advisory opinion on the draft law amending the Labor Code no. 154.2003 (Work at distance) 31.03.2020

7. EBA position note on some fiscal measures approved by the Government 7.04.2020

8. EBA approach regarding Decision no. 7 of April 4 of the Commission for Exceptional Situation of Chisinau 8.04.2020

9. EBA proposals for additional measures to support the private sector 10.04.2020

10. EBA Proposals to the draft law to support entrepreneurial activity 21.04.2020

11. EBA Advisory Note on Draft Government Decision on informing and monitoring (seagoing vessels) 24.04.2020

12. Proposals to amend the Order on the approval of the Regulation on subsidizing enterprises and non-commercial organizations, residents of the Republic of Moldova, which have established technical and / or stationary unemployment due to the epidemiological situation 27.04.2020

13. EBA Position Paper on fee for advertising surfaces 12.05.2020

14. Proposals to amend the draft Regulation on how to subsidize interest on bank loans contracted from 1 May 2020 to 31 December 2020 (15.05.2020)

15. 3rd Package Fiscal measures to support business 18.05.2020

16. Amending the legislation in the field of labor relations 20.05.2020

17. Common EBA, AmCham and ABM Position Paper on: The draft law concerning the granting of facilities for loans given by banks and non-banking lending organizations to certain categories of debtors 28.05.2020

18. EBA proposals to the Draft Law amending Law 209/2016 on waste 3.06.2020

19. Advisory note on the draft Roadmap of the Ministry of Economy and Infrastructure for boosting the process of digitization of the national economy and development of electronic commerce 11.06.2020

20. EBA Moldova position note on local tax rates set for 2020 for Chisinau 15.06.2020

21. Position Paper on the legislative initiative on the protection of infrastructure objects essential for ensuring national security and public order 15.06.2020

22. EBA Position Paper on the Parliament initiative on amendment of certain legal acts (increasing social and medical contributions for the legal professions) 1.07.2020

23. Advisory note on the Regulation for localization and authorization of advertising and display media in Chisinau 6.07.2020

24. Additional advisory opinion to the regulation of location and authorization of an advertising and display agent in Chisinau 13.07.2020

25. EBA proposals regarding the modification of some normative acts (effective beneficiary) 20.07.2020

26. Position Paper on the Draft Regulation on outdoor advertising in Balti 24.07.2020

27. EBA Position Paper. Legislative initiative 7 of 2020 (investments in areas of importance for state security) 4.08.2020

28. EBA Moldova position paper on the ”Role of DCFTA in tackling Covid-19” 13.08.2020

29. Advisory Opinion on the Regulation on the admission to service of electrical installations 14.08.2020

30. Position paper on the request of the Ministry of Finance no. 04 - 06/620 of 31.07.2020 regarding the proposals to amend some legislative acts 21.08.2020

31. Joint open letter in the context of the actions undertaken by the Chisinau City Hall (PMC), related to the street advertising industry in the Republic of Moldova 7.09.2020

32. Consultative Note on the Draft Law concerning the prevention of food loss and waste 11.09.2020

33. Proposals regarding the amendment of law no. 209/2016 on waste 14.09.2020

34. Advisory Note on the Regulation on the placement of advertising in Chisinau 9.10.2020

35. Proposals regarding the modification and completion of the Fiscal Policy and other legislative and normative acts for the year 2021 12.10.2020

36. Proposals regarding the modification and completion of the Draft Government Decision for the approval of the draft law regarding the amendment of law no. 1164/1997 for the implementation of titles I and II of the Fiscal Code 12.10.2020

37. The proposal regarding the modification and completion of the Draft Government Decision regarding the approval of the Catalog of Fixed Assets and intangible assets 15.10.2020

38. EBA Advisory Opinion on the Draft Amendment to Government Decision no. 689/2018 on the approval of capacity limits, maximum quotas and capacity categories in the field of electricity from renewable sources until 2020 (Unique No.: 782 / MEI / 2020) 20.10.2020

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