EBA Position Papers



1. Joint Position Paper on applicability of Art. 20 from Law nr. 231/ 2010 on Internal Trade (EBA Moldova, ProBiz) 12.01.2021

2. Key Priorities identified by the Business Community for the Government of the Republic of Moldova 3.02.2021

3. Position document on the draft law for amending and supplementing some legislative acts, registered in the Parliament with no. 18/2021 (Internal Trade Law, no. 231/2010) 9.02.2021

4. Request for presentation of clarifications regarding the implementation of law no. 308/2017 4.02.2021

5. Joint approach of the business associations regarding the approval in the second reading of the set of laws regarding the protection of personal data 12.02.2021

6. Proposals of the private sector regarding the applicability of the Decisions of the Extraordinary National Commission of Public Health (CNESP) 3.03.2021

7. Request for clarification of some aspects related to the completion and presentation of the Declaration on income tax VEN 12 5.03.2021

8. Position paper on the draft Regulations on equipment certification, on the operation of the certificate center and on the exchange of data between home and control equipment 5.03.2021

9. EBA advisory opinion on the draft Government Decision on the approval of the consolidated draft law amending the Contravention Code no. 218/2008 (unique no. 263 / MJ / 2020) 16.03.2021

10. Comments of EBA Moldova and AmCham Moldova on the draft Land Code (registered in the Parliament with no. 4/2021) 18.03.2021

11. EBA Position Paper on the vaccination process 31.03.2021

12. EBA position paper on the existing/proposed limitations to the Internal Trade Law no 231/2010 1.04.2021

13. Joint petition of EBA Moldova, AmCham Moldova, FIA Moldova according to the provisions of points 17 and 18 of the Regulation on the organization and functioning of the National Council for the settlement of disputes in the field of state control, approved by Government Decision no. 135 of 27-02-2019 16.03.2021

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