I.M. Elektromanufacturing SRL


The company IM Elektromanufacturing SRL was founded in 2012, starting its production activity in January 2013.

The main type of the company activity is production of inductive electronic components, modules and electrical assemblies for automotive industry, exporting 100% of its production. Being a resident of the industrialpark RAUT m. Balti, the IM Elektromanufactuing SRL created 380 workplaces, increasing the number of employees for 70-80 new workplaces annualy. In 2015 IM Elektromanufacturing SRL was certiffied according to Quality Management System ISO TS 16949, having received a powerful impulse in company’s development in 2 directions: in the number of produced products as well as implementation in production of new tipes of electronic components, modules and electrical assemblies.