About us

European Business Association Moldova is an impact organisation, aimed at aligning the national economy and business legislation to the EU standards, and promote European values and best business management practices in the Moldovan entrepreneurial community. EBA Moldova is Member of EBO Worldwide Network. 

EBA Vision

Promoting private business between the European Union and Moldova by constructively contributing to the improvement of Moldova’s business environment, capacity building, business support and the encouragement of business conduct based on European values and practices.

EBA Founders

EBA was set up by 10 founders, one of the biggest investors in the Republic of Moldova.

  1. Î.C.S "Red Union Fenosa" S.A./ Gas Natural Fenosa - (currently ICS Premier Energy Distribution SA)
  2. Banca Comerciala Română Chișinău S.A. (Erste Bank)
  3. Î.C.S. "Pro-digital" S.R.L. (Central European Media Enterprises) 
  4. Î.C.S "Metro Cash & Carry Moldova" SRL  (Metro Cash & Carry)
  5. Moldovan-German Economic Cooperation Association
  6. "Agro-SZM" S.R.L  (Sudzucker)
  7. Î.C.S. "Bemol Retail" S.R.L (Easeur Holding)
  8. Î.C.S. "Vernon-David" S.R.L. (Vernon David and Associates Romania)
  9. Țurcan Cazac Law Firm
  10. ICS PricewaterhouseCoopers Advisory SRL (PricewaterhouseCoopers)

The EBA Mission is:

  • To promote ethical and lawful business practices and standards in Moldova
  • To insure a policy dialog
  • To improve the business climate to EU standards
  • To promote business activities between EU and the Republic of Moldova

How does EBA operate?

EBA Moldova was designed to serve its beneficiaries in the three main interconnected areas:

  1. By enhancing the Business Environment of Moldova through ADVOCACY activities
  2. By streamlining Business promotion Moldova-EU through a certain rangeof SERVICES
  3. By offering Business Support to its members and the stakeholders, acting as a RESOURCE CENTRE