Next Generation Accountancy

At the core of NGA's foundation was the intention of its founders and leaders to bring the accounting profession into a new dimension of economic reality, contributing to the creation of a fair, competitive, and sustainable business environment.

The company's quality policies and strategies can be summed up in the following distinct elements:

Flexibility – continuous adaptation to market requirements and new trends by implementing innovative systems and technologies.

Responsibility – the company is equally responsible with its partners for the accuracy of accounting records.

Quality – creation of a unique financial service delivery system based on the trilogy: Correct, Complete, on Time!

NGA has a complex and systemic approach to financial and accounting services, which presents a competitive advantage.

As a result, we aim to: Be a company recognized for our unique organizational culture.

Be an ambassador company in the creation of the new generation of accountants.

Contribute to the creation of a fair, competitive, and sustainable business environment in the Republic of Moldova.

Over seven years of operation, NGA has developed six products that are fully tailored to client requirements and internal quality standards: Classic Outsourcing, Start-Up Outsourcing, Chief Accountant Outsource, Internal Audit, Restoration of Accounting Records, and Assistance in Tax Audits - a Blue Ocean product type.

NGA is the first company to conclude contracts with non-partner companies to pass tax control.