Orange Moldova

Orange Moldova is part of the Orange Group, one of the most important telecommunications operators in the world, with over 288 million customers in 26 countries.

Orange is the #1 mobile operator in Moldova offering mobile voice and data services, fiber Internet and TV services, all under the same brand. Currently more than 2.6 million customers are connected to the company's network and services, in which a team of more than 1450 employees is active. Orange Moldova has the most extensive and performing 3G+ and 4G network, as well as 2 world premieres: HD Voice and HD Voice International. Its services can be accessed throughout the country through the network of more than 3,600 sales points.

Recognized as a leader in innovations, Orange owns one of the largest IT hubs in the country – Orange Systems, which is the second employer on the information technology market in Moldova. In May 2023, the company inaugurated the Orange Digital Center, a lifelong learning hub where everyone can acquire the digital and entrepreneurial skills needed for a technological future.