Starnet SRL

StarNet Company has been founded in 2003 and during next ten years it has developed the industry of information technologies and electronic communications. StarNet implemented the most modern and efficient data exchange systems and built the biggest optical fiber network in the country. Today StarNet offers a wide range of high-end services that are necessary for any home or business: high-speed internet acces and data transfer through the optical fiber network, telephony, interactive television with lots of options, data security solutions, free access to the metropolitan Wi-Fi network, corporate network design, Data Center and Cloud services, international IP transit services, consulting services, etc.

Recently, StarNet turned into a corporation of 12 companies, which activate in different business domains, with a portfolio of 90 thousand clients and a crew of 600 employees. By concentrating the available resources where necessary, StarNet corporation achieves the performance of an technological giant. We are in a constant search of new opportunities, know-hows and innovations not only in our main filed, but also in others in order to provide the most diverse services for our clients.