Vetropack Chisinau

Vetropack Chisinau SA (formerly formed by Glass Container Company SA and Glass Container Prim SA) and Glass Container Prim Plus SRL owns 100% of share capital of Vetropack Romania SRL and are named together Vetropack Moldova group). 

Glass Container Company SA was established in April 1995 as a Joint Stock Company under the laws of the Republic of Moldova. Glass Container Company SA was set up under a project financed by the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (hereafter "EBRD"). The operation was developed by EBRD based in an international open tender calling for a strategic partners to build, manage and co-finance a glass container factory, which was won by Eleusis, a Spanish company. In addition to EBRD's financing, facilitated by Vininvest SRL (which is guaranteed by the Republic of Moldova), Eleusis raised financing from Banca de Negocios Argentina, with political and economic risk coverage from Spain's export credit agency CESCE.

On the 9th of December 2020, the shareholders of Glass Container Company SA sold their share which represent 99,96% of the total share capital to Vetropack Austtria Holding AG. On the 1st of March 2022, Glass Container Company S.A. recorded the merger Glass Container Prim S.A. recorded the merger Glass Container Prim S.A. without liquidation of the merged entity. As well, the new reorganized entity changed its name to Vetropack Chisinau S.A.

The primary activity of the Vetropack Chisinau SA (VPC) is the production of glass for bottles for beer, wine, sparkling wine and liquor producers.