PwC Moldova launches PayWell Moldova 2020 Salary and Benefits Survey

PwC Moldova is pleased to invite you to participate in PayWell Moldova 2020 salary & benefits survey, which is an important tool that helps companies wishing to recruit, retain and motivate high-quality staff.

How can you use PayWell?

PayWell survey report is helpful in the process of:

  • reviewing the company’s remuneration strategy
  • comparing salaries across sectors and job positions
  • preparing the budget
  • calculating staff costs
  • setting-up the salary structure and salary levels
  • identifying in-kind incentives
  • investigating a relationship between remuneration and employees' performance

The 2019 edition of PayWell survey gathered 41 organisations and 13,400 employees in 6 industry sectors (FMCG & Industry, IT, Telecom, Banking, Pharmaceuticals and Overall market). This year the survey might cover additional sectors (e.g. Retail, Microfinance & Leasing).

How can you join PayWell?

Please confirm your participation to PwC until 8 July 2020.

Please access here the detailed presentation of PayWell Moldova survey.

If you need further clarifications or additional details, please contact Anastasia Dereveanchina (, 079 981 010), Veronica Stirbu (, 079 401 255) or Daniela Molosag (, 079 407 602).