Cyber Security - practical tips for business

Cyber Security - practical tips for business - sharing best practices and tools related to cybersecurity offered by Orange Digital Center Moldova, Zipper and Bit Sentinel in collaboration with maib - event organized by EBA Moldova.

Practical and applied support for business development in Moldova

We would like to thank the initiators of the Event:
- Cătălina Plinschi, State Secretary of the Ministry of Economic Development and Digitalization
- Olga Surugiu, Orange CEO
- Giorgi Shagidze, maib CEO
- Mariana Rufa, EBA CEO

We thank the Speakers for their valuable input:
- Andrei Avădănei, CEO Bit Sentinel;
- Paul Belcin, Sales Manager BIT SENTINEL;
- Andrei Rusnac, Vice-President for Digitalization of the Association "Digital Flower";
- Andrei Preasca, Orange Moldova;
- Anatolie Bulgaru, Orange Moldova;

The event was made possible thanks to BitSentinel, Orange and maib.