EBA organized a meeting with Mrs. Lidia Ababii and the team of the Customs Service of the Republic of Moldova in which proposals for simplification of customs procedures related to courier and postal services were discussed

On 10th of March, EBA organized a meeting with Ms. Lidia Ababii and the Moldovan Customs Service team to discuss proposals to simplify customs procedures related to courier and postal services.

The meeting was organized in the context of elaborating the 2nd digitization package, the initiative launched by the Economic Council under the Prime Minister of Moldova - EBA Moldova in collaboration with PwC Moldova elaborates a set of legislative proposals related to logistics and courier activity aimed at optimizing and streamline the framework of e-commerce activities.

The meeting was also attended by Mr Rosario De Blasio, EU High Representative for Customs Affairs.
Proposals compiled by the private sector were presented by Anastasia Derevyankina and Alexandru Gozun, PwC Moldova.

The meeting was coordinated by Mrs. Mariana Rufa, Executive Director of EBA Moldova.