EBA organized Webinar # 1 within the Zoom in banking 3.0 Program

On November 11, EBA organized Webinar # 1 in Zoom in banking 3.0, entitled "Applying IFRS in banking".

Lecturer: Vitalie Corniciuc, Vice President of CFO | Victoriabank - part of the Banca Transilvania Group.

Over 200 students from ASEM and USM, as well as lecturers from educational institutions are now connected to the webinar.

This edition takes place in an extended formula, with a new partner. USM - USM - State University of Moldova joins the other existing partners: Victoriabank, European Business Association Moldova and the Academy of Economic Studies of Moldova ASEM.

The purpose of the Zoom in banking 3.0 program: training and solidifying practical skills related to banking among students and teachers, through the involvement of banking specialists and international experts. The program will focus on strengthening the aspects of financial reporting, cash flow, accounting, tax administration and risk management.