Public consultations regarding the draft Law on making cash settlements

EBA active in public consultations regarding the draft Law on making cash settlements.

On February 7, the European Business Association participated in the meeting of the Economy, Budget and Finance Committee regarding the public consultations related to the draft law on making cash settlements (no. 404 of 16.11.2023).

The EBA reiterated:

- the importance of changes to the limits provided by the project from the sale of plant and horticulture production in natural form and animal husbandry production in natural form, in live and slaughtered mass;

- the exclusion of banks as subjects in respect of which the provisions of the law subject to approval are applied;

The EBA also thanked for the reflection in the Synthesis of the proposals and objections related to the project and the acceptance of 70% of the proposals presented by the EBA through Position Document no. no. 107-23/SD of 11.12.2023. E

BA was represented by:

- Diana Ilicciev, President of the EBA Taxation Committee and chief accountant of Victoriabank;

- Valentin Eșanu, Sofilarex Plus;

- Sandra Dolghii, EBA Tax Policy Manager