EBA actively participates at the imperative to implement the REP with entry into force from 2023

EBA actively participates representing the position of its members regarding the imperative of implementing the REP with entry into force from 2023 and canceling the environmental tax for those companies that are part of the REP.

EBA advocates for the promotion of the commitment of the private environment to contribute to the reduction of the volume of waste and not by doubling the payments related to the environment.

Thus, the EBA proposals were reported during the meeting of the Working Group within the Ministry of the Environment, as well as during the public hearings of the Parliamentary Committee on the Environment.

The EBA position can be viewed here:
https://bit.ly/3KKtXlA - 11.10.2022
https://bit.ly/3kCoDpS - 18.12.2022
https://bit.ly/3IZUdY3 - 27.02.2023