EBA actively participates at the meetings of the Advisory Council of the SFS

The State Fiscal Service organized on April 27, 2023, the meeting of the Advisory Council of the SFS.

During the meeting, important and concrete topics for the business environment were discussed, which were presented for discussion by EBA, which was represented by Mrs. Sandra Dolghii, Tax Policy Manager and Mrs. Diana Ilicciev, Chief Accountant, Victoriabank, President of the Taxation Committee EBA.

The subjects presented by the EBA were:
• Modification and adjustment of the legal provisions in the part related to the performance of the fiscal control (SFS Order no. 320 of 31.07.2019 regarding the approval of the Regulation regarding the performance of the control by the SFS);
• Fiscal treatment of instruments such as: cashback, bonuses, UDS, loyalty points;
• Granting the possibility of visualization by chief accountants/financial directors of the information registered in SIA "MEV";
• Deficiencies in the presentation of reports, such as: IALS, IPC;
• Promoting the use of the Anticipated Individual Fiscal Solution tool;
• Impediments to reporting information based on the provisions of Chapter 111 of the Fiscal Code and SFS Order no. 427/2018 (methods and indirect sources);
• Reconciliation of the rules of Government Decision no. 227/2018 to the provisions of Law no. 166/2017 regarding meal vouchers, as well as the revision of reports related to meal vouchers, approved by Order of the Ministry of Finance no. 95/2018;
• Clarification of the provisions of art. 87 paragraph (11) from the Fiscal Code;
• Cancellation of the act of receipt of the services rendered, in order to exclude duplication of the primary document;
• Revision of some taxes related to the issuance of fiscal vouchers, such as for example: the collection of VAT when the operators issue the electronic device (plastic/meal voucher card).