EBA supports the National Development Strategy 2030

EBA supports the 2030 National Development Strategy and proposes a list of priority actions related to:

- Ensuring energy security and the development of renewable resources;
- Ensuring food security and access to water;
- Ensuring infrastructure development through investments in multiple logistics solutions (Adjustment of railways to EU standards, Construction/repair of additional bridges with Romania, strengthening the capacity of the Giurgiulesti international port, Construction of roads with access to the EU market);
- Strengthening the capacity of human resources from public authorities by increasing salaries and consolidating skills/expertise in various fields;
- Consolidation of the education system by adjusting the curriculum to the needs of the market.

EBA reiterated the availability of support through resources and expertise in the finalization and implementation of SND 2030.

The full recording of the public consultation meeting of the "Moldova 2030" National Development Strategy and the Government's anti-crisis agenda for 2022-2023 can be viewed here (EBA intervention - min. 23.54):