Economic Journalism Academy visits the Competition Council

Economic Journalism Academy at the Competition Council - 01.07.2024

Economic Journalism Academy visiting the Competition Council, a key authority in ensuring a free and fair market. Here are some of the key issues discussed:

Mandate of the Authority The Competition Council has a crucial role in monitoring and maintaining fair competition in the market, preventing practices that could harm consumers and the economy.
The Authority's Anti-Competitive Agreements Authority fights cartels between companies that seek to restrict competition, such as cartels and other abusive practices.

Combating Abuses of Dominant Position The Competition Council ensures that no company uses its dominant position to eliminate competition or impose unfair conditions.

Control of Economic Concentrations It is essential to monitor and regulate mergers and acquisitions to prevent the formation of monopolies that could adversely affect the market.

As any institution, the Competition Council faces challenges, including limited resources and the complexity of the cases it has to investigate.

A new international cooperation project (twinning) is to be launched with EU support to strengthen the Authority's investigative capacity, allowing better enforcement of competition rules.

Initiation of a New State Aid Bill A new State Aid Bill is being prepared with the aim of providing a clearer and more effective legislative framework for the granting of State aid.

We thank the Competition Council for its continued commitment and efforts in promoting a competitive and transparent market!