FinComBank S.A. was awarded by Mastercard the “Moneysend Bank 2018” diploma for promoting innovative transfers from card to card (P2P)

FinComBank S.A. was awarded by Mastercard the “Moneysend Bank 2018” diploma for promoting innovative transfers from card to card (P2P)

On June 12, 2019, in the framework of the annual forum “Mastercard Day 2019”, FinComBank S.A. was awarded the diploma „BANK OF MONEYSEND 2018 FINCOMBANK” by the International payment system Mastercard, for promoting innovative methods of transferring money from card to card in Moldova.

Starting with the autumn 2018, FinComBank S.A. launched, a unique platform in Moldova, which made P2P transfers from card to card more secured. is the only one in Moldova who has connected to the Mastercard’s platform, thanks to which transfers from card to card has become a reality, knowing only the recipient’s mobile phone number. This service was previously launched in Ukraine, and is a unique project for Europe.

“The platform opens up completely new possibilities in the field of money transfer, the user experience is changing: now you can transfer money using an online service by entering only the mobile phone number of the recipient that the holder tied to the card. It is not only simpler, but also safer, because you do not need to share a card number with someone, and the phone number is open information”, said Ms.Inga Andreeva, CEO of Mastercard in Moldova and Ukraine, in an interview for Business Class magazine.

The platform is absolutely secure, because it is developed by FinComBank S.A. in cooperation with the company Romcard, which has been operating in the field of banking processing for more than 20 years, in a system implemented in accordance with international standards of informational security Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) in the field of storage, processing, transmission and data management of the card holders, and is equipped with SSL security certificates (HTTPS). In turn, the platform is equipped with a high level of security, like all other Mastercard platforms.

FinComBank S.A. thanks Mastercard International Payment System for their confidence and assistance in the implementation of innovative ideas and approaches in the field of money transfers. This award confirms the high appreciation of the work of the FinComBank S.A. team, conducted within the framework of the long-term strategy of the Bank, one of the priorities of which is the development and implementation of innovative online products and services on the Moldovan market.


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