Data Protection Law Firm

DATA PROTECTION LAW FIRM is a company specialized in the provision of legal advice and the implementation of the security requirements in the field of personal data protection.

The company's profile is based on the provision of services related to the legal regime of personal data protection as well as the related legislation of state secrecy, commercial secret, tax secrecy, medical secrecy as well as other information with limited accessibiity.

The services offered by the company aim at: respecting the fundamendal right of the individual to privacy and ensuring the legal regime of personal data protection by the controller and data processors.

The achievement of this modern right is assigned to a young by ambitious team that has a cumulative practice and professional experience for more than 10 years within the National Center for Personal Data Protection as well as dealing with data protection field within international organizations and private sector.

We rely fully on the quality of the services we provide, thereby fully assuming responsibility for the deliverables by reputation and pecuniary guarantees.