EBA organized the session no. 2 of the Economic Journalism Academy

20 journalists and communicators participated in a training organized by the Academy of Economic Journalism in partnership with Expert-Grup on the functioning of a country's international accounts and their connection with other macroeconomic indicators. The training was given by Marina Soloviova, director of economic policy programs Expert Grup.

Topics covered in the training include the structure of the balance of payments, including examples of interpreting statistics based on the flow of direct investment, determining the health of the current account in relation to other macroeconomic indicators, such as exports and imports, financial sector stability or the evolution of GDP. Other topics covered the use of statistics by various public institutions, international organizations and the private sector.

"If the current account of the balance of payments deteriorates, a depreciation of the national currency can be anticipated. Depending on the degree of openness of the economy, depreciation can lead to higher inflation, and in this case, the central bank can tighten monetary policy by raising interest rates or limiting liquidity in the banking system, "said Marina Soloviova.

"We would be happy if these data would help journalists to interpret the statistical notes published by public institutions, but also their communicators to translate into accessible language the data they have. In the end, the end user will benefit from information - ordinary citizens, economic agents, consumers, who will be able to better understand economic developments and the impact on their own budget ", said Vitalie Condrațchi, AJE coordinator.

The Academy of Economic Journalism is organized by the European Business Association Moldova with the support of its members and aims to improve the quality of economic journalism in the Republic of Moldova, providing journalists with access to sources of information and in-depth approaches to economic topics.