EBA Event: In-club 3C discussions

EBA organized an event on 14th of July entitled In-club 3C discussions.

Co-funded by: the European Union
Sponsor: Vernon David Law Firm
Partner: Endava
Technical partner: Media Show Grup

This was a follow up of the DIGI BUSINESS ERA Event organized last year by EBA, but focusing on three most actual topics: Competition, Commerce and Cybersecurity on the online platforms.

SCOPE: E-commerce is evolving as it becomes an indispensable tool of modern post-pandemic economic activity. Is the business prepared? To what extent does the Government offer the necessary legal framework to ensure a competitive climate on e- commerce? Is Moldova cyber safe? How are responsibilities shared between public authorities and private sector? Are the competition rules the same in a post-pandemic environment? These are just a few questions that the business community will be exploring over the event.

The event was organized in hybrid format.

The approach of each 3 blocks was to present the status quo in Moldova and to deliver 2-3 practitioners, best practices and lessons learnt from EU and worldwide.

Agenda of event can be found here (click).

THE SPEAKERS of the event were representatives of the Central Public Authorities from Moldova and Romania, as well as national and international private sector companies.

The registration of the event can be viewed here: https://bit.ly/3chyCfO