EBA organized the Online Event: International Sanctions – Impact on the Financial Market of the RM

On 29th of March, European Business Association (EBA Moldova) in partnership with the Embassy of the Republic of Latvia in the Republic of Moldova, National Bank of Moldova, PwC, Deloitte, OTP Bank organized the Online Event “International Sanctions – Impact on the Financial Market of the RM”.

Background:The escalation of the Military Conflict launched by Russian Federation in Ukraine is having a tremendous impact on regional economy. The strongest impact on the Russian Federation economy will be generated by the USA and EU sanctions which will partially impact the financial institutions operating in the RM. As for now Moldova declared that the state stays neutral and will not join sanctions applied against Russian Federation. However, the Financial Market of the RM is very keen to receive any recommendations/instructions on how the sanctions will be treated by the Moldovan Financial Market, especially considering the fact that the Law 308 on prevention and combating money laundering and terrorism financing does not expressly provide any clauses with the view to financial sanctions. Under the current challenges as well as trade configuration of the RM and the financial transactions performed – Moldovan financial sector would like to learn about the sanctions implementation framework as well as international practical expertise in this regard under the current sanction regime.

The goal of the event was to share international experience of Central Banks, FIUs, Commercial Banks that already applied such sanctions against Russian FI or other similar cases.

The event implied sharing practical knowledge and expertise as well as recommendations of the Moldovan Regulatory Institutions in terms of the impact on Moldovan Financial Market.


- Mr. Bogdan Pleșuvescu, President, Victoriabank; EBA Deputy President

Mr. Vladimir Munteanu, Deputy Governor of the National Bank of the RM

Mrs. Laura Lica-Banu, Director, Financial Advisory, Forensic

- Mrs. Adriana Mihai, Manager, Financial Advisory, Forensic
- Mr. Eric Lorber, Principal, Cyber, Risk & Regulatory Consulting Solutions, PwC US
- Mr. Vladimir Munteanu, Deputy Governor of the National Bank of the RM National Bank of Moldova

- Mr. Zoárd Gázmár, Head of Compliance, OTP Bank Hungary

- Mr. Paulis Iļjenkovs, Deputy Head of Strategic Analysis Division of Financial Intelligence Unit of Latvia

- Mrs. Dita Daukste, Head of Support and Regulatory Division FCMC Latvia

Over 130 participants, representatives of the Financial Market officers, representatives of the Public authorities, private sector representatives and diplomatic corps have participated at the event.