EBA actively participates in the consultation process of changes related to foreign exchange operations

On September 14, the European Business Association participated in the public consultations organized by the National Security, Defense and Public Order Commission related to the Draft Law amending art. 5 para. 8 of Law no. 308/2017 on preventing and combating money laundering (No. 287 of August 15, 2023) https://bit.ly/48bEv6B 

The given project regulates the mandatory presentation of identity documents when carrying out currency exchange operations regardless of the amount and the elimination of the 10,000 lei threshold up to which currency exchange operations could be carried out without the presentation of identity documents.

Also, the EBA presented its position through Position Document no. 69-23/SD of September 12, 2023 https://bit.ly/46c4KZ2 

EBA was represented by:
- Sergiu Bozianu, director of the Data Protection Law Firm, Co-Chairman of the EBA Committee on Digitization, Commerce and the Regulatory Framework.
- Natalia Mihalache, head of the Legal Department, Moldcell
- Sandra Dolghii, EBA Tax Policy Manager;
- Natalia Simasco, Head of Compliance Control Section, Compliance Department, FinComBank S.A.; Co-chair of the EBA Committee on Financial and Capital Markets;
- Rodica Cherdivara, Head of Legal and HR department, GRAWE Carat.