EBA Export Assist

EBA Export Assist Service is a service provided by the European Business Association aimed at helping Moldovan companies – both small and large – take greater advantage of the new export opportunities to the EU available through the DCFTA Agreement. The EBA team will support companies to enter the European export arena and to start or grow exports to member countries of the European Union.

If you are an established company, with a solid local base and with unique and innovative products, that you feel convinced will succeed abroad, welcome aboard – we hope to help you break down the barriers to a world of opportunities.

EBA Export Assist Service was launched, as we believe that export growth is a key contributing factor to Moldova’s overall economic growth. There is need to give emphasis to growing exports, especially towards the European Union, improving our global competitiveness and overcoming the barriers and other challenges to exports. We hope that EBA Export Assist Service will assist you in your globalization endeavors. EBA is working closely together with organizations from the EU. In addition, you can get the support from EU managed support tools concerning exports towards the EU.

EBA Export Assist Tools

  • EU Trade Helpdesk is a website run by the European Union in order to support foreign companies to export into the EU. 

  • EU Export Helpdesk is a project from the European Union (EU)


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