EBA Communication with the Government under the current COVID-19 circumstances

On 18th of March the Prime Minister of the RM reconvened the members of the Economic Council of the Prime Minister, representatives of various business support organizations. The meeting aimed at discussing priority measures to be undertaken under the COVID 19 Crisis.

Mariana Rufa EBA CEO presented the key proposals collected from the EBA Members for consideration by the Government. The measures presented over the meeting and incorporated in the EBA Position Paper related to labour relations and economic implications of the Crisis that have to be considered by the Government as a matter of urgency. “The COVID Crisis should have a 50/50 approach in its mitigation, so as not to leave one side taking the whole burden, otherwise it can collapse, especially in a small market with a consumption based economy. It's important to ensure a team spirit backed up with close and constructive cooperation of the Public and Private Sector” reiterated Mariana Rufa.

It was also mentioned that as the things will evolve EBA will provide additional proposals to manage the economic situation in the country.

Following EBA and business organisations proposals and interventions you may find below a snapshot of the Government measures discussed over the meeting: https://bit.ly/33tubpA

The EBA measures to support business environment under the COVID-19 crisis situation, can be found here: