Local civil society contributes to economic and social development of Moldova

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Local civil society contributes to economic and social development of Moldova


2018 - 2020


The goal of the project is to support the regional business and social environment in Moldova, by creating Regional Business Support Hubs and developing the capacities of regional and local SMEs through individual and collective trainings and couching.

Main activities implemented by EBA Moldova will be:

Conduct export readiness assessment of potentially exporting companies and train them in EU market accession;

Offer individual couching to local companies to ensure product quality, access financing and enhance representation abroad;

Organize matchmaking events in EU countries;

Develop analytical papers on DCFTA implementation. Analyze investment barriers and develop relevant lobby and advocacy activities in this respect.


- 13 Workshops and Webinars numbering 835 participants
- 5 matchmaking and study visits in Austria, Poland and Romania
- 83 Position/ Policy Papers elaborated and submitted to Public Institutions
- 80 technical meetings and Business Breakfasts with representatives of Public Institutions organized
- 10 regional workshops numbering 200 regional companies as participants
- 5 workshops organized for executive teams of Business Hubs
- 10 regional SMEs received tailored support in form of corporate descriptive videos, websites, business plans or digital marketing plan elaborated
- 4 comprehensive publications (Business Climate Update) elaborated
- 5 detailed coaching sessions for a predetermined list of companies