Financial Management Trainings for Businesses & Academia Project

Project name

Financial Management Trainings for Businesses & Academia Project


 June 2020 - July 2021


The objective of this project is to provide high quality practical management online trainings / webinars for the financial, business sectors and academia. The webinars cover a broad set of topics adapted for the effects of COVID-19 outbreak, and namely: IFRS9, financial analysis, budgeting and planning, sales and digital marketing, HR management, cyber security and other.

The pool of trainers is composed from local and regional experts, mostly from Moldova and Romania, among which: Lilia Colin, manager at Deloitte Moldova; Monica Minoiu, trainer at EXEC EDU, with expertise in supply chain, cost reduction, process management, project management, negotiations, financing, business strategy, Iuliana Andronache, trainer at Cromwell Evan Global, an international expert with solid practical experience in finance. 


Target groups

  •       junior and senior financial and accounting experts/ professionals from SMEs and large enterprises
  •       CEOs, Administrators, any delegated persons responsible for business unit management. Project managers;
  •       lecturers from Moldovan Economic Academy and Moldovan State University
  •       representatives of the financial sector
  •       Ministry of Finance and State Tax Service

Results achieved

Nr. of webinars organized: 13

Nr of Speakers that participated: 25

Total nr. of participants: 877